Wrap yourself with colorful scarves

featuring art by Connie Desaulniers

The Fine Print

Production time:  My designs are made-to-order, and take about 7 - 10  business days from order date until you receive your items. Please let me know if you need this process expedited and I may be able to help!  During holiday season, the production may take longer. 

Return policy:  If the product has a quality issue or you are unhappy with the outcome, your item can be returned to me for a refund or exchange.  Please contact me with details at

I would have nothing to wear but brown dots if it weren't for Connie's jazzy clothes. 

Liv Wildly
Art and Fashion Maven


My original paintings and fine art prints are at Blink, a lively interior and design boutique in Merchants Square,  Williamsburg, VA.  Blink also sells my scarves, and a wondrous array of gifts, furniture, lighting, and just about anything to decorate your home.

Production Time and Return Policy

Blink - a design boutique

413 Duke of Gloucester Street ~ Merchants Square ~ Williamsburg VA 23185

Store Hours

Monday —Saturday

10:00 AM — 5 PM


12 PM - 5 PM